How We Make Money

how we make money at is a site that’s completely free to use, and we’ll never charge any fee from our readers. All the content, including guides and demo games, are, thus, offered at no charge.

However, we need to make some money to cover the expenses associated with keeping our site operational and filled with new content every week. This we do through affiliate deals with casino and gambling operators.

A User Funded Website are in is the business of generating traffic and leads for casinos. Therefore, if you sign up at a casino through one of our custom links and make a deposit, the casino may pay us a commission or a fee.

With how our affiliate commissions work, our site is basically user funded.

You do not pay us, as we only receive payments from the casinos we drive traffic to.

The fact that we can direct users to casinos is also the reason why many operators allow us to offer exclusive deals to players coming in through our website.

Affiliate Commissions

On our website, some links can take you to online casino operators. These operators are our affiliate partners, and it’s from them we might generate some revenue. We might make a commission if you click on a link in our casino reviews or elsewhere on the site where you can see offers from casinos.

There are several different types of affiliate deals. Some casinos might pay us a small fee when a user from our site signs up, while others might only pay us if the user also makes a deposit. Then again, some casinos will only pay out a commission if a user from us loses money at the casino.

Independent and Honest Reviews

Even though we are partners with the casinos we recommend, we are still reviewing all operators in an honest and independent way. We do not let casinos dictate how we review or test them, nor do we let them impact how we rate them.

All ratings and recommendations you’ll find on our website are delivered by our industry-expert writers, who are neither involved nor have insight into our affiliate deals. That way, you can always trust what you read in our reviews is the independent and unbiased opinion of the writers.

You can find out more about how we ensure objective and independent reviews by reading our Editorial Guidelines.

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